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Henna  | Lawsonia Inermis

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 'I-H-E' follows a specialization policy ? and therefore offers Specialized Henna Range Of Products. Our Henna product range includes  Natural Henna Powder For Hair & For Body Art,Natural Neutral Henna Powder For Hair, 100% Natural Indigo Powder For Hair,
100% Natural Herbal Henna Powder For Hair, 100% Natural Henna Hair Colors ( Soft Black | Dark Brown | Red | Mahogony ),Henna Hair Dyes ( Black Henna| Dark Brown Henna | Brown Henna | Light Brown Henna | Chestnut Henna | Red Henna | Mahgony | Burgundy )


'IHE' offers standardized henna. Its standards are covered by Ayurvedic Pharmacopia of India (API). Further it meets the standards of BSP and USP. Soil, climate, irrigation, harvesting, & post harvest carriage, handling, storage & processing; throughout the cultivation process IHE maintains a complete quality control within IHE Herbs Quality Control Policy.IHE  makes sure that 'Actual = Standards'.


IHE primarily offers henna of Indian Origin also known worldwide as mehandi. Botanically, henna is called as lawsonia inermis which constitutes as its genus & species  Indian henna is primarily cultivated in Rajasthan and Gujarat, . Henna has primarily medicinal & ayurvedic value. Main benefits of henna include henna as hair coloring herb and natural conditioner. 

Packing & Shipping

'I-H-E' Henna Packaging is done as per 'I-H-E' Standard Exports Packaging Policy. However, Henna is primarily packed either in bags 20kg up to 40 kg. However henna is also packed in sachets if one needs a small unit packing. 'I-H-E' further takes full care regarding protective and sea packaging. To know more you can always write to us. So far as branding and labeling is concerned 'I-H-E' follows its Standard Export Labeling & Branding Policy. Ask us for any shipping terms -FOB | CIF |or Any INCOTERMS | 'I-H-E' Standard Shipping Policy takes its full care. In regards to documents and certificates related to shipping and carriage of 'I-H-E' Henna Range to destinations worldwide, 'I-H-E' take its full care within the purview of 'I-H-E' Regulatory Policy. Need something specific, just let us know.

Tests & Certificates

'I-H-E' follows a Strict Herbs Testing policy ? and therefore offers Tested-Certified-Henna  where actual meets standards. Some of the tests and certificates that can be submitted if need be are 'Certificate of Analysis,  Certificate of Manufacture, Certificate of Sale, Certificate of Origin'. Need any other test or certificate the same can be discussed and done. Need more info we will be glad to assist you.

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