Quality Control Policy

Quality Control is neither an event nor it is an accident. It is an ongoing process and needs to be taken care of at all levels of operation maintaining consistency throughout. Whether it is quality of inputs, quality in material production or processing, or it is for packing and distribution; right levels of quality and consistency is maintained to ensure that the final product meets its purpose and fitness. Following are some of the core areas of quality control herbs and medicinal plants.

Focus |Cultivation |Collection |Processing & Storage
Tests | Standards | Performance


Quality control throughout at all its stages keeps its target to ensure that the desired herb is free from adulteration & Substitution. The desired herb is within permissible limits of foreign matter. The desired herb is having optimum level of its active ingredients. The desired confirms desired specifications in terms of residues and microbial load.


Herbs Quality control begins ensuring that every herb or medicinal plant is cultivated either on our own farms or on contract farming in specific geographic regions where it grows under the desired natural conditions to ensure it possesses naturally all such ingredients for which it is meant. If however the desired herbs need to be procured from the wild due care is always taken regarding the right geographical origin for such herb.


Quality control further ensures that the herbs are scientifically harvested and properly collected from the right origin at the right age, proper maturity, and during the proper season.

Processing & Storage

Quality control further ensures that the herbs are properly processed using best facilities and stored properly.


Quality control further being supported by tests and reports form both in house lab as well as labs of international repute.


You need a herb and you must be having some specific parameters or characteristics for such herb. These herbís standards are duly taken care of at indian-herbs- exporters.com. This ensures that our herbs not only confirm but also perform to these respective standards making our herbs finally FIT FOR USE.


Herbs fitness for its usage in comparisons to your needs or wants is necessary but in itself not sufficient to attain quality. When it comes to international business, quality has to go beyond in areas like:

Quality in Conservation of resources.
Quality of Environment like ecology, safety, pollution etc.
Quality of Conformance to attain and confirm your standards.
Marketable Quality to finally meet with your satisfaction
Quality in Operations like inputs, processes, employees etc.

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