We export some specialized herbs. They all being exported for a purpose. Therefore, IHE makes sure they are being finally Packaged to deliver herb's complete fitness for its usage and purpose. Following factors are considered to decide packaging type & unit 

Herb's nature and its characteristics. | Value. Durability. Fragility | Resistance to abrasion, susceptibility to moisture | External factors such as humidity and temperature.| Maintaining quality and integrity of its contents.| No damage or loss of the ingredients throughout.| Protection form natural elements such as
light, heat or rain. | Ensuring rigidity during repeated loading and unloading.| International Packaging Norms | Destination Country's Packaging Norms | Buyers Specifications in particular.


Labeling is no less an area for any scope of ignorance of any sort. At IHE due care is taken that the Labeling Details should be meet following - primarily Buyer's Specifications  | the International Norms  | the Exporter's details,  | dates of packing  | batch no,  | botanical name,  | language of the label,  | contents  | weight details  | Customs Code (if reqd.) | Origin | usage ( if reqd) | cautionary instructions ( if reqd) | how to instructions ( if reqd) | storage instructions | shelf life | Any Other Details or information as felt the need be | Shipping Marks  | Cautionary Marks  | Clear Handling Instructions in written  | Clear Handling Instructions in pictorials


By Air. By Sea. By FedEx. By DHL. Door-Delivery. IHE offers all. You can ask us deliver goods EXW, FCA, FOB. Should you prefer us to carry the goods to a specified place/port of destination, we can deliver CFR, CIF, CPT. You want to us custom clear it at destination too and pay taxes & duties too, you may opt for DAF DDU DDP. Transparency is the rule at IHE. The sea freight charges or air freight charges can be prepaid or collect. You decide. You can nominate a carrier if you feel. The details pertaining to the vessel/flight, its voyage, its frequency and all such details will be submitted at your directions for the product you are interested in. But Do Not Trust Us. Test Us. Select an IHE product and just let us know how should we assist you.


For one herb being exported by IHE, the regulatory framework needed to be complied with by the importer in two different destinations may be different. That is certainly not taken as a surprise at IHE. What may be needed by an importer in Russia may not be needed in US. The regulatory support might be needed by the importer in the form of some specific certificates, documents, reports, declarations to be issued either by IHE in its own capacity or may IHE be required to get them further attested or issued by a government body. Remember, we are not talking about product related test reports. The regulatory compliance extends to meeting packaging laws, environmental laws, quarantine laws, destination customs, port authorities or shipping lines regulations. We at IHE welcome any sort of assistance in this regard should you as an importer feel such need. But Do Not Trust Us. Test Us. Select an IHE product and just let us know how should we assist you.

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